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Women Of The Future Volume 2 Ally package - 50 Books Pre-Order

Women Of The Future Volume 2 Ally package - 50 Books Pre-Order

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Women of the Future, Web3 & Metaverse, is an initiative conceptualized by empowered women empowering women, telling the success stories of female pioneers in this rapidly developing and, to date, male-orientated ecosystem.

The project showcases 100 of the Top Women leading the change in the Metaverse and web3. Their stories of success and inspiration are told in a high-quality, hard-cover legacy publication that marks a moment in time. In addition to the 100 featured women, the book includes guest editorials and perspectives from men and organizations who share our vision and support the drive towards equality and inclusion. 

By supporting the initiative with book purchases, you are assisting in amplifying the important message contained within these pages. The book makes for a fantastic showpiece in your reception area or office, is a superb corporate gifting opportunity, and is a great piece of inspiration for students, young professionals, and girls planning their future in this new world. 

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